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ranked as one of the top freelance marketing managers*

*According to UpWork, Margaux is ranked as one of the top marketing managers to hire in the United States. She maintains a 100% job success rate with all of the projects that she has managed.

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My background in marketing and experience of being a social media influencer can help take your business to the next level. From social media marketing to influencer management, discover why your marketing should be "Managed by Margaux."

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There's plenty of marketing managers out there...

Why am I different?

- I, Margaux Rathbun, Owner of MBM Influencer Management, am a retired social media influencer myself (Authentic Self Wellness) so I know what it takes to be successful online

- I teach online classes on how to become successful with social media marketing (specifically for people looking to become social media influencers)

- I am know for my attention to details and quick turn-around times

- I make myself readily available for my clients, which means we will have excellent communication regarding your project 

- My background in health and wellness gives all of my projects that little spark of something extra

- I have been told that I am fun to work with. In fact, many of my clients become life-long friends!

What value can I provide to your brand?

Consider me your one-stop-shop for all things related to marketing. From influencer outreach to content creation, I've got the passion, drive, and experience to take your business to the next level. I pride myself on being honest, ethical, and reliable. This is one of the reasons my clients stick with me for many years!

What can you expect in working with me?

The bottom line? You can expect results. I treat all of my clients as if their business was my own. Every aspect of our marketing efforts are designed to boost user engagement, create conversions, and generate buzz around your brand. This is achieved by developing a thoughtful and targeted marketing strategy, having a solid brand, creating a consistent content calendar, and generating publicity with my media and influencer connections.

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I offer an affordable and informative online course that is designed to help you succeed with your social media marketing efforts! Learn more here.

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