Need some fresh social media content?

Are you a wedding show producer that struggles with sharing fresh social media content on a regular basis? Not sure how to create visually-appealing posts that will engage your target audience? Perhaps you just don’t have the time or skills to design new posts for your social media channels. Not to worry…I’ve got you covered!

I’m proud to announce my new Wedding Industry Content Kit, designed especially for your industry AND your brand! These content kits take the hassle out of having to create new graphics to share on your social media channels. I have personally created wedding-focused content, designed to engage your audience on Facebook and Instagram. 

Each content kit contains 72 pre-designed graphic templates (sized 800px X 800px) that I will customize to fit your branding needs. Within this kit, you will receive:

- 24 Inspirational Love Quotes (featuring a variety of wedding images)

- 24 Wedding Planning Tips (set within beautiful floral illustrations)

- 24 #feedbackfriday questions (featuring questions designed to engage your followers)

Customization includes:

- Adding your brand colors to these pre-designed templates

- Including your brand fonts in the copy portion of each template

- Adding your website and/or logo to each template

Also included in this kit:

- A list of Hashtags Relevant to the Wedding Industry and your Brand

- A One Hour Marketing Consultation with me (to discuss how to use your new content)

Below are some samples of the types of content you will receive. The colors and fonts will be changed to fit your branding needs...right now they are simply gray and white. I will also add your logo and website to each graphic.

Interested in Social Media Management?

If you are too busy to schedule, post, and monitor the content included within this kit, I can do it for you! Learn more about my social media management services here.

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Here's How it Works:

1. Purchase the Custom Content Kit below. Once the purchase is complete, you will receive an email from me requesting more information about your business. I will ask you to fill out a Google Form with questions relating to your website, social media channels and branding guidelines (fonts, colors, logos).

3. Based on the information and design elements that you provide me, I will customize all of these pre-designed content templates to match your branding needs! These designs will be uploaded to a Google Drive Folder (you will receive an email from me letting you know when they are ready to be downloaded).

If you need assistance in crafting post copy and sharing your new content on social media, just let me know! I would be happy to send you a proposal that includes my social media management services. 



wedding industry CONTENT KIT and Marketing Consultation

Wedding Show and Event Producers


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

If you are a wedding show producer,  this Customized Content Kit is for you! I've created content designed to target AND engage brides. This kit contains 72 

pre-designed content templates that include:

- 24 Love Quote Graphics

- 24 Wedding Tip Graphics 

- 24  #FEEDBACKFRIDAY Graphics


- A list of Hashtags Relevant to the Wedding Industry and your Brand

- A One Hour Marketing Consultation with me (to discuss how to use your new content)

PLEASE NOTE: This content kit does not include my posting of your graphics or general social media management. If you would like me to handle that for you, please shoot me a note! I will be happy to send you a customized proposal that will include my scheduling, posting and monitoring of your new content. If you have budget to run paid ads, I can also assist you with "boosting" these posts.

To keep things fair to my existing wedding show clients, I am only able to work with one wedding show producer in each market. If your state is listed below, I am unfortunately not able to work with you at this time:

  • OHIO