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I’m Margaux J Rathbun, B.S., N.T.P. and you might know me from my wellness website, Authentic Self Wellness. For nearly eight years, I have worked as a Social Media Influencer for the health/wellness industry. I’ve built a strong following on my Authentic Self Wellness Facebook Page that allows me to share my nutrition information, recipes, product recommendations, and giveaways with those who are interested in living an authentically healthy life. I’ve hosted numerous nutrition workshops around the world, been published in many publications, and partnered with various companies that sell products I personally use and love. I take a fun and authentic approach to life and business. After all, life is short and we should love everything that we do!  

I have been so fortunate with the success of my business that I want to share my professional experiences and knowledge with others. Simply put; I know what works and what doesn’t. Helping companies, entrepreneurs, and budding social media influencers succeed is my professional passion. In fact, I have dedicated my life to honing my marketing skills to get to where I am today. Not only do I have over 10+ years of general marketing and promotional skills, I have a bachelors degree in fashion merchandising (what can I say…I love clothes) and I am currently working towards obtaining my masters degree in Marketing. I even come from a family of marketing experts as my father owned a successful advertising firm for over 29 years! Marketing and promotions runs deep in my veins and I want to utilize my skills and experience to help your business succeed!   

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Influencer Testimonials

Steven J Pinto


 If you are debating working with Margaux, don’t. The best thing about working with Margaux is that she gets what it means to be an entrepreneur and she understands her clients from both having done it and now showing others how to. Her straight-forward real-life expertise is refreshing in a field where genuineness is hard to find. Hire her. 

Samantha, Sprouting Wholeness


From our first call I knew that Margaux was the right person to help me. I really felt that she understood my needs, and more importantly my brand and what I am trying to accomplish with my business. Working with Margaux has been a great experience! I really appreciate everything that Margaux has done for me and my business, and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help with social media marketing, and anyone looking to become an influencer!

Amie the Dating Coach


A HUGE shout out to Margaux! I’ve seen an amazing shift in my business since hiring her for my branding, marketing, and social media content development. Most importantly I have a shift in my energy, as I have more time to focus on what I do best, be a Relationship Coach! If I’m ever challenged, she’s available to help answer my questions...even while making meatballs lol. It feels so nice to have someone with her knowledge in my corner. If you’re on the fence with marketing, I highly recommend you work with Margaux. Thank you lady for all that you do!  

Client Testimonial: Dr. Leland Stillman

Dr. Stillman and I have worked together for many years. From content creation to launching online courses, I have thoroughly enjoyed having him as a client. Thanks Dr. Stillman for this glowing testimonial! 

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